Blossoming Flowers Screensaver

Blossoming Flowers Screensaver

Blossoming Flowers Screensaver is animated screensaver with realistic flowers
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Do you want to be covered with flowers any time you take a break working in your computer?
Well, at least would you like your screen to get covered with flowers?
Blossoming Flowers Screensaver will decorate your screen with beautiful flowers.

This beautiful screensaver will allow you to see flowers all around you at any time.
You will be able to see how, little by little, your screen gets covered with white and red flowers as soon as your computer goes idle.
Sit back and relax as your whole screen greets spring and its colors.
You will see how flowers start appearing right in front of you.
There will be white and red flowers that slowly occupy your desktop, creating a feeling of beauty and peacefulness that can only be possible with the most gorgeous creation of nature.

In the beginning they will be just a few. But slowly, your entire screen will start being adorned with flowers that might make your mind think about beautiful things.
Maybe they will even remind you about your loved one, or just about the unique gifts that nature can give to you, and without expecting anything in return.

Blossoming Flowers Screensaver will surely help you to forget about your daily routine, and even your eyes will be able to relax and enjoy with such an exquisite view.

Fernando Soni
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Downloading from Software Informer as the program is discontinued by the developer

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  • Beautiful flowers


  • It might get boring after a while
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